Recording Promotion



dBFSound are looking to start offering recording services to our clients. We already offer live recordings but are now looking to introduce studio/home based recording services.

Need some new promotional material? Or just want to experience the fun of a recording session? Then this could be for you.

To get us started we need to get some promotional material for our website to demonstrate what we can offer potential clients, this is where you come in!

We are offering a heavily reduced rate to get us started on a portfolio of our studio based work. 

Anyone taking part in this offer agrees for dBFSound to use the recordings as promotional material on our website to demonstrate our services. The artist will retain the rights to the tracks and we will not sell or distribute the recordings to any third parties. 

In return you will receive high quality recordings from your session and 15% off your next session with us.

  • Solo Singers only
  • Playing to backing track or Acoustic guitar
  • 3 Tracks recorded
Acoustic Acts
  • Acoustic acts only
  • Acoustic guitars/Bass & backing tracks
  • No drum kits - Cajons allowed
  • 3 Tracks recorded
  • Full band setup
  • Up to 3 Tracks recorded
  • Recording session will be based over 1 day only
  • Drums will be recorded either at the Drummer's home location or if not suitable, in a local studio at the bands expense.
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