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PA Hire & Engineering

Live Sound

We work with some of the latest in digital mixing technology to bring the best sound and equipment to your event.

Whether you are hosting a private event - A Wedding, a party. Or a venue/band/DJ that needs a PA system with an engineer for your event we can help!

Our current system can handle any event with a capacity of up to 300 people. We can source more equipment for larger events where required.

Our system will always come with an engineer included in the package to setup the system and run it throughout the event from start to finish. 

FAQ - (We do not currently offer dry hire of equipment).


Fixed Quote
  • This package is suitable for the following
  • - Private Event
  • - Birthday Party
  • - Weddings
  • - DJs
  • - Bands paid a fixed fee by the venue
  • - Festivals
  • If the sales percentage package doesn't suit your needs and you would prefer a fixed quote for your event or your event isn't selling tickets. Please contact us for a customised quote.
  • Quotes will need to be tailored to your event on a case by case basis. This is because some gigs may require less or more equipment, travel distance, length of the event and other factors.
£££ - Please contact us for a custom quote
Sales Percentage %
  • This option works best for small bands who are selling tickets on the door but are unable to guarantee how many tickets they are going to sell.
  • With this option we take an even split with the rest of the band members based on the total ticket sales on the door. We set a £50 cover charge so that if the ticket split works out to be less than £50 we have covered our basic costs for the event.
  • This benefits both parties, as the more tickets that are sold both us and the band benefit. This package can also help smaller bands afford a full production setup who may not necessarily be able to afford other production companies that charge more than the band gets paid on the night.
  • Some bands may choose the pick the fixed fee price as they may be able to guarantee higher ticket sales and exceed in ticket sales what we quote for a fixed fee. This option benefits the band more as anything you make over the fixed quote you keep for yourselves.
£50 /Cover Charge
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